A successful start for CleanJack and Templa

LONDON – With the Dutch firm CleanJack, Templa has finally found its ideal counterpart for a long-term partnership in cleaning automation. Punching in hours by hand and linking this process to an administration system is now a thing of the past. Rick Stoor (Templa): ‘After many successful years working with British time management companies we wanted a strategic business partner to work with us in this area’.

Time registration and contract management
The Dutch firm CleanJack and the British company Templa both supply automation systems to cleaning companies. Together they are offering the integrated service Templa T&A powered by CleanJack. This service combines Templa’s contract management and administration with time and attendance registration by CleanJack. Registered clock-in times are sent automatically to the wage processing system in Templa CMS. The new service synchronises cleaning contract details between the two systems. In this way it is possible to compare the hours performed with those that are contracted.

Rick Stoor, managing director of Templa: ‘By working with CleanJack we retain complete control of our own system. It is an extra tool, without adding an extra process. That keeps things nice and easy for the client too. Clients continue to log in via Templa, even when using the integrated service Templa T&A powered by CleanJack.’The integrated system also adds opportunities for the back office. Managers are able to communicate with cleaning staff, e.g. keeping them updated about changes to their assignments. The system is really clever and keeps things simple for the client.

‘Niels van den Berg at CleanJack is a great person to work with, being both amiable and ambitious’, confirms Stoor. Stoor is no different, and hopes that the partnership will help him to tap into the Dutch and South African markets. Besides England, these are the countries where CleanJack is in operation. ‘The partnership is a real win-win.’ Indeed, a number of achievements have already been made since 1 January. The first client – the London cleaning company NuServe – went live in mid March during The Cleaning Show in London. CleanJack will be used by approximately 500 of the company’s cleaning staff. Also, the fact that NuServe is already using Templa means that the service provider will experience all the benefits of the integrated system.

The Cleaning Show
Stoor: ‘There was plenty of interest from those visiting the trade fair. The trade fair generated about 30 leads, for CleanJack alone. Two orders have already been confirmed since this The Cleaning Show. Of course, we are also promoting CleanJack to our existing clients. If clients are hesitant to invest, then we explain how quickly the costs are recovered, once the hours and therefore also the cost of wages can be managed. Moreover, client satisfaction is increased, encouraging more clients to use your company.’

About Templa
Templa is the market leader when it comes to cleaning automation in the United Kingdom. It is a contract management system for cleaning companies, facilitating contract management, wage administration, purchasing, sales and invoicing. Branch leaders are among those able to view information at any time using a tablet.

Curious to know what CleanJack can do for your cleaning company? Contact us for a meeting with no obligation! Rick Stoor, +447860560661 www.cleanjack.co.uk

A successful start for CleanJack and Templa

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